HOLT CAT Industrial Engine Rebuilds

Industrial Engine Rebuilds

Cat engines are built to be rebuilt.  HOLT CAT has the latest equipment and expertise to rebuild engines of any size.

Industrial Engine Rebuilds

HOLT CAT’s® newly expanded engine rebuild facilities allow the company to rebuild C32 and 3412 engines in 48 hours. In addition, new, higher capacity machining tools have expanded HOLT’s® capabilities to perform machining on all engine sizes.

We have dedicated repair facilities that are designed specifically for engines and related component repairs. Factory trained mechanics specialize in specific components to provide fast, dependable rebuilds. During the engine rebuild process, the assemblies are stripped and disassembled. Engine blocks and large components are cleaned in separate steam cleaning rooms while assemblies and small components are cleaned in agitating chemical tanks.

To ensure the engine rebuilding process is as efficient as possible, the new facilities were designed with each of the steps in an engine rebuild taken into consideration.

HOLT has established these distinct tasks in the engine rebuilding process:

  • Wash
  • Teardown and inspection Machining
  • Component rebuilding
  • Reassembly (8 stations)
  • Dyno testing and final inspection
  • Repainting

We also perform precision rebuilding of engine components at individual component repair stations, which are equipped with special tooling and current specification data. Fuel injection systems and governors are checked and adjusted on special fuel injection test stands to provide accurate, adjustment-free performance.

New, higher capacity machining tools have expanded HOLT’s capabilities to perform machining on all engine sizes. HOLT’s Longview Power Systems Division is now housed in a 52,500 square foot stand- alone facility. Nine thousand square feet of the new space is dedicated to the Power Systems parts department where customers can conveniently order and pick up parts over the counter. The Longview engine rebuild and repair facility will be fully capable of rebuilding diesel and natural gas engines that are used in many petroleum, electrical power generation, industrial and earthmoving applications.

A complete machine shop supports the engine rebuild operation, enabling enhanced turnaround times. HOLT has established a regimented process for rebuilding engines that are used extensively in the oilfield and energy exploration industries. The 3500 Hybrid Assembly Line will allow segmenting of the complex elements of this rebuilding process. By focusing on a defined segment of the rebuild, technicians become experts in a specific portion of the process. Once a technician masters a particular segment, he can then move on to the next repair segment. By mastering all of the rebuilding segments he will then have the competencies to complete an entire rebuild. The customers’ benefit from a hybrid assembly process will be enhanced quality, greater rebuild efficiencies and a shorter rebuild turnaround time.

The rebuild facility has three engine dynamometers rated to 1,725, 2000 and 4,500 hp engines to assure complete break-in and guaranteed rated horsepower.  HOLT’s Longview facility also houses a 6,000-horsepower dynamometer specifically designed for testing large bore (3,600-sized) industrial engines—one of only three such machines in North America, putting Longview in a unique position to offer dyno testing on 3600 large bore machines.