HOLT CAT Undercarriage Repair

Undercarriage Repair

Each undercarriage in the Cat product line is designed to meet specific job requirements.

Local Undercarriage Repairs
In the Field or in the Shop

Undercarriage is the lifeblood of your machine and maintenance costs can consume over 50 percent of the maintenance budget on your track machines. When you partner with HOLT CAT® to manage your undercarriage, we will help you reduce downtime and operating costs, while dramatically increasing uptime and productivity. With proper management, machine undercarriage components can deliver maximum performance.

The widest range of undercarriage options available for your machine:

Each undercarriage in the Cat product line is designed to meet specific job requirements to get the maximum value out of your undercarriage.

Solutions for Cat Machines and All Brands
  • Rebuilding Links
  • Re-grousering Track Shoes
  • Track Roller Frame Straightening, Realignment and Rebuilding
  • Pin and Bushing Turning and Replacement
  • Complete Undercarriage Field Repairs and Rebuilding

HOLT has the capability and experience to perform shop or field repairs on all sizes and brands of undercarriage, including tracks for cranes from our shops in Irving, Longview and San Antonio.

HOLT can rebuild links and idlers, re-shell rollers and re-grouser track shoes. If you have a track roller frame that needs to be straightened, realigned or rebuilt, HOLT can take care of it. A computer-guided track press enables HOLT undercarriage technicians to efficiently turn or replace pins and bushings on any size machine, regardless of brand.

Undercarriage field service trucks with 150-ton mobile track presses, along with heavy duty boom trucks allow dedicated undercarriage technicians to complete just about any undercarriage repair or replacement in the field.

There is no undercarriage repair that HOLT cannot perform. When scheduled, undercarriage replacement for most Caterpillar and competitive machines models can be completed in 24 hours or less at selected HOLT facilities. This service is exclusive to HOLT CAT and is unmatched in the industry. An extensive inventory of Caterpillar new and exchange undercarriage components for select machine models helps to shorten the repair time.


An extensive inventory of new Caterpillar replacement parts and stock track rollers and idlers for select machine models helps shorten the repair time.

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Sealed & Lubricated Track (SALT)











Heavy Duty









Tri- and Quad-Track










Rotating Bushing Track (RBT)











Positive Pin Retention (PPR)









Sleeve Bearing Track (SBT)











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Enhanced Sealed & Lubricated Track
Caterpillar® SystemOne Undercarriage 

Since its inception, Cat® SystemOne™Undercarriage has been tested in some of the most extreme conditions and toughest environments. SystemOne is an undercarriage system that offers reduced maintenance and increased life. Its patented design eliminates bushing turns and link scalloping. Welded pin ends prevent track joint end play or loosening which can lead to dry joints and accelerated wear. Link roller system delivers up to 50% more life than conventional designs. Reusable sprockets and center tread idlers last up to 2 undercarriage track lives saving you in both repair downtime and part replacement costs.

By redesigning SystemOne from the ground up, we were able to design an undercarriage that works and wears as a system. It minimizes the maintenance and associated downtime between track changes while increasing productivity and lowering owning and operating costs.

Here is how:

Rollers: Carrier rollers have a larger diameter for longer wear life. Track Rollers have a larger flange diameter for enhanced guiding
Shoes: SystemOne offers four shoe types to allow reconfiguration to bigger grousers for increased wear life. However, in most applications, the Extreme Service Shoe is recommended.
Guides: Together with taller track roller flanges, System One guides provide better control over the track for reduced wear and lower maintenance.
Track Group and link assembly: A stronger, straight-link design holds up in high impact conditions
Cartridges: Sealed cartridge-style joints feature a patented seal system and use synthetic oil to reduce friction by 50 percent.
Center Tread Idlers: Designed to outlast two tracks, the center tread idlers make contact with the joint cartridges only, not the link rails, eliminating link scalloping and vibration.
Sprockets: Sprockets last two to three times as long as the track versus half as long previously.

Maintenance is virtually eliminated.
One goal for SystemOne was to eliminate maintenance between track changes. Its innovative rotating bushing design increases bushing life and eliminates the need for a bushing turn. Together with extended life sprockets, idlers, rollers and cartridges, the life and dependability of the entire system is extended. Designed to work and to wear as a system, SystemOne offers balanced wear life.

A more forgiving undercarriage
SystemOne not only last longer, but also performs better. By eliminating link scalloping and rough ride that follows, users can enjoy a better, more comfortable ride. Operationally, it offers improved fine grading and side-sloping capabilities. And, rotating bushings make tight track and reverse operation less critical.

SystemOne Undercarriage assurance
Along with the standard six –month parts warranty, Caterpillar is supporting a wear life program.

Field Results

Proven in the field
For three years prior to release, over 200 Caterpillar D4 and D6 Dozers equipped with SystemOne worked on job site locations, applications and various conditions throughout North America and Europe. After 3,500 hours in applications and environments such as logging, stumping, clearing, road building, side sloping, fine grading, quarries, mines, sand, gumbo and more- 35% to 70% lower owning and operating costs, reduced maintenance and less downtime were reported in nearly all cases.

Cost per hour
In field results, System One greatly reduced maintenance requirements and significantly increased wear life. The net effect is improved productivity at a dramatically lower cost.

Participating customers reported reductions of 35% to 70% in their total undercarriage owning and operating costs. The results listed in this chart show a range of cost-per-hour savings typical for various applications.